Journalism is a career path that many young people are interested in. A young person will learn what questions to ask when reporting on a topic. They will also learn how to turn their writing into something interesting that people would want to read. Journalism can also include broadcasting studies. To work in this field…


If like many others you have an issue that is close to your heart that you would like to become more involved with finding out what is going on around your local area is a really good starting point. Whether it is politics, medical issues, social problems, animal welfare or environmental concerns that you are…


A few years back I responded to a domestic. The wife told me that I should call in back up because her husband was a black belt. I didn’t want to take a chance, so I called in backup. Once they arrived, we went upstairs to apprehend the husband. The guy was sitting in a chair, with a broken arm, and a broken leg. Both appendages were in casts. He agreed to leave the house without much prodding. To this day I’m known as the fake cop that needed help arresting a guy with one working arm, and one working leg.

Finding a babysitter that isn’t from the club and the kid likes too much can be just as much of an inconvenience as hiring a babysitter that the kid doesn’t like. We did that, and our son couldn’t stop talking about how much he actually wanted to hang out with the babysitter, and how he wanted her to come over for a play date. We tried to explain to him about how friendships with older kids worked, and what big kids were like, and how she was a babysitter. Somehow, nothing seemed to really seal the deal.

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Federal government and its belief that it knows best Federal government in the past as well as currently has a tendency to believe that it knows best how to do things without always intending to infringe on local politics. The federal government does what most national governments do, it claims to see the bigger picture…